A Cure for Troublesome Menstruation-Thyme Tea (Thymus Serpyllum)

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The thyme is one of the most healing herbs. Its healing properties are found in the leaf and in the flower. This plant is widely known as an effective remedy for female diseases, regulates the menstrual cycle, has an antiseptic effect against uterine infections, helps with pain and cramps in the uterus, as well as during menstrual pain.

Thyme Tea – Preparation

In boiled water, add thyme (1 tablespoon to 2 dl water), cover the dish and leave for at least 1 hour. In order not to lose the healing properties, the plant must not be boiled. So, add it exclusively in boiled water and immediately put the pot away from the stove. If you like it that way, sweeten it with honey.

Five things you shouldn’t do when you have menstruation:

Although we may not be fond of it, we still have to respect the menstrual cycle. When in menstrual cycle we feel exhausted, we have no desire to get up from bed or to be in company. We want to stay at home, especially if we are surrounded with food. However, there are activities that endanger the cycle, and you shouldn’t do them.


  • Have unprotected sex

Generally, in unprotected sex, the chances of becoming pregnant are high. Plus, to avoid a lot of infections, it’s best to abstain from sex as long as your monthly cycle lasts.

  • Skipping meals

Diets are not your best choice in this period. Try not to skip meals. You must keep in mind that during this time you are losing a lot of blood, and food will regain your energy.

  • Physical work

If you experience back or abdominal pain, avoid physical work because in that case the pain will only increase.

  • Fast food

While eating fast food at 2 am you look like an attractive idea, it will not help you feel better.

  • Cold water

You do not have to drink cold water, because the menstrual blood remains in the uterine wall.



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