Foods With Hidden Sugar You Should NEVER Include In Your Diet Plan

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Before I say anything, I would like to ask you a simple question – are you on a right diet plan? Do you think avoiding foods like ice cream with various syrups and pastries is all you need to do, if you want to control your sugar intake? But, do you know that there are foods like salad dressings that also contain sugar? This might be shocking, but the fact is that sugar is everywhere; even in the food that you think is healthy. Here, I am going to talk about foods with hidden sugar.


Even whole grain bread contains added sugar. You might not be aware that there is a huge difference between packed bread you buy from a grocery store and the one you buy from a bakery.

Even packed sandwiches may have up to three grams of sugar. And, amazingly, the bread that you buy from a bakery has only a pinch of sugar required to activate the yeast.


Many of us start our day with a bowl of cereals. Truly, a cereal can be a pretty good way to start your day, as it can get you the required amount of fiber.

However, do keep in mind that if you are not having the right amount of cereal, then you are increasing your sugar level. Let me tell you that some cereal boxes contain even more than 13 grams of sugar per serving, while others have less than 6 grams.


Can I tell you that milk is also a good source of sugar? The area experts say that a 250 ml glass of milk contains about 12 grams of sugar. Although it is consistently recommended by health experts that every human being, regardless of their age, must consume milk to cover their daily dose of calcium. But, if you are on a serious diet plan, then you can eat broccoli or spinach for the same.

4Dried fruits

People are passionate about dried fruits. Indeed, they are healthy snack. However, you must not forget that most of them contain a good amount of sugar. For example – five or six pieces of persimmon can have up to 32 grams of sugar.

I am not asking you to completely skip this food from your diet. As these are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, you must include them in your diet in moderation.

5Concentrated juices

A lot of concentrated juices are available in the market and the funniest part of their packing is, they all claim that they contain 100% fruit juice and natural sugars only.

But, surprisingly, concentrated juices are very high in sugar. For example, a 300 ml glass of apple juice contains up to 32 grams of sugar. Are you ready for this much amount of sugar?


Who is not a fan of ketchup? But, how many of you know that every tablespoon of ketchup means a teaspoon of sugar.

Do not fool yourself, even if the packing says that the ketchup only contain ingredients such as corn syrup, glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose, or galactose. Regardless of the label, you should limit your ketchup intake.

7Yogurts with fruit flavors

There are a lot of yogurts with fruit flavors are available in the market. Although they seem to be a healthy and delicious fruit yogurt, but in real, they are not.

Most types contain 8-10 teaspoons of sugar per can because fruits need larger amounts of sugar to as preservatives.


Next up in my list is Lemonade! Truly, lemons are a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C. No doubt, lemonade is a refreshing drink, regardless of the season. But, do you know how much amount of sugar is added to this sweet beverage? Again, I am not suggesting you not to drink lemonade, but prepare it at home, where you can control the amount of sugar you use.

9Slimming or energy bars

Do you love slimming or energy bars? Then, this information might be shocking for you. Irrefutably, these bars are good, if you want to replace it by a meal of the day.

It can help you if you are loosing your weight, but not the amount of protein. However, keep in mind that most of these bars contain sugar between 14 to 20 grams.




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