This Fruit Extract Killed Cancer In 48 Hours

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In 2014 news spread about a miracle berry extract called EBC-46, sourced from the Australian rainforest, that has been shown to cure various types of cancers including breast and prostate in humans and animals.

EBC-46 blushwood berry cancer cure

The Daily Mail reported:

‘Scientists at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Queensland have used an experimental drug produced from the seeds of the rainforest plant, Blushwood tree (Hylandia Dockrillii), which exclusively grows in far north Queensland, to cure solid cancer tumours in pre-clinical trials.

Already the drug has been used to successfully destroy or shrink tumours in pets and animals – including dogs, cats and horses and even Tasmanian Devils, while human trials are imminent.’

These results were discovered in an eight-year study led by Dr. Glen Boyle, from the QIMR Berghofer medical research institute in Brisbane. In 75% of cases, the cancer never returns. There were no side effects, and the compounds started working in five minutes, making cancerous melanoma and neck tumors disappear in a matter of days.

This news story was reported by an Australian television channel:

Then for 2 years nothing much happened? Why?

First lets look at what this ‘drug’ really is:

This is from an article published by Cairns News in 2014:

“It’s a small molecule that actually works with the body to destroy cancer, rather than being a chemo-therapy approach which is acting, in many cases, against the body,” Q-Biotics CEO Victoria Gordon told Nine this week.

Q-Biotics are the company behind this discovery and are now looking to create a drug based treatment out of this:

This is from their website:

QBiotics is an Australian public unlisted life sciences company. We are in the business of development and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products that have the potential to address major health problems for humans and companion animals (dogs, cats and horses). Our products are new chemical entities which we source from Australia’s pristine tropical rainforests.

You can see their video presentation about EBC-46 here

What Exactly Is EBC-46?

This is from wikipedia:

‘Tigilanol tiglate (USAN), previously known as EBC-46 is an experimental drug candidate being studied pre-clinically by the Australian company Ecobiotics (specifically its drug discovery subsidiary Qbiotics). It was discovered through an automated screening process of natural products by selecting increasingly purified fractions of plant extracts, based on their ability to produce the desired activity profile. This is then followed by artificial synthesis of the isolated compound to confirm its chemical structure. EBC-46 is a phorbol ester which, along with other related compounds, acts as a protein kinase C regulator.

From reading into this it seems that the system they follow is to test the plant extract that works, then they isolate the compound to find out the chemical structure so they can synthesise it to make a drug.

How Big Pharma Banks Off Stuff That Exists In Nature

In pharmacy school we were taught that many drugs started off as substances found in nature to work, that could be then isolated and synthesised for commercial purposes.

It later became very apparent that the reason drug companies do this is so that they can create a patent that means only they had the license to synthesise the drug resulting in billions of dollars in profit for the company.

Similar things are happening right now in the medical marijuana field with drug companies trying to isolate extracts from cannabis so that they can make drugs out of them.

Statins are another example. A common chinese herbal medicine from heart health is red rice yeast. It has been used for years in China to prevent blood clots and generally improve circulation and the health of the heart. The active ingredient is lovastatin. The drug companies then created a multibillion dollar statin business off the back of this.

Merck actually owns the rights to this substance that exists in nature:

In 1998, the FDA placed a ban on the sale of dietary supplements derived from red yeast rice, which naturally contains lovastatin, arguing that products containing prescription agents require drug approval. Judge Dale A. Kimball of the United States District Court for the District of Utah, granted a motion by Cholestin’s manufacturer, Pharmanex, that the agency’s ban was illegal under the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act because the product was marketed as a dietary supplement, not a drug.

So now the same thing is about to happen with this miracle berry extract sourced from the Australian Blushwood Berry, that at present only grows in Queensland, Australia.

Nature is about to be turned into a drug again…

Looking at the FAQ on Qbiotics site, you can see they are closely guarding their patents since they made this incredible discovery.

Why hasn’t EBC-46 been discovered before?

EBC-46 occurs naturally in a small number of closely related plants that occur in Queensland’s rainforests where it acts as a chemical deterent to predation. Unlike most approaches to finding new drugs from nature, the discovery of EBC-46 was not due to luck, but was based on a unique and highly successful proprietary discovery technology called EcoLogic™ developed by our parent entity EcoBiotics.

EcoLogic™integrates an understanding of how rainforest systems work to discover new chemicals with potent bioactivity.

Why can’t others replicate EBC-46?

The use of EBC-46 as an oncology product is protected by patents.

How is EBC-46 produced?

EBC-46 is produced by isolation of the compound from the source plant Fontainea.

The last question is the most revealing about who actually controls Qbiotics:

What is the relationship between QBiotics and EcoBiotics?

QBiotics Limited was originally incorporated as a subsidiary company of EcoBiotics Limited in 2004. Following a number of capital raises by QBiotics since 2010 and a Demerger in December 2015, EcoBiotics owns 10.73% of QBiotics as at 31 December 2016. EcoBiotics is the largest shareholder of QBiotics.

EcoBiotics was established in 2000 to discover new drugs from the rainforests of tropical north Queensland. Using the EcoLogic™ system, EcoBiotics discovered EBC-46 in 2004. QBiotics was established as a separate entity to focus on the development and commercialisation of EBC-46.

Then this happened:

The Blushwood Berry Tree Gets Taken Off The Market

The Australian Daily Mail reports:

A  NATIVE tree that is the source of potential cancer treatment has been taken off the market, partly out of fears customers may harm themselves trying to make homegrown cancer cures.

Plant experts, however, have cautioned those seeking to develop “homegrown” cancer cures from blushwood seeds to leave the science to scientists, due to the potentially deadly effects the plant’s berries could have.

Is this a sincere concern of the so called plant experts? Or is it just more Big Pharma shenanigans protecting their interests?

The Renegade Pharmacists Verdict

Firstly I want to say that I am in no way against the incredible work of companies like Qbiotics who make these kinds of incredible discoveries.

What concerns me is the way the companies are used to make a small group of investors extremely rich and powerful.

Who end up controlling nature and our access to the incredible healing power of it.

I first discovered the miracle power of common natural substances to heal faster and more effectively than what was sold in pharmacies when I was 14.

I had about 10 verrucas on the soles of my feet as it was very common to get these from the school swimming pools. I tried everything to get rid of them from extremely painful cryosurgery, through to painting acid on them, and using just about every single over the counter product.

Absolutely nothing worked until my mum said that she has discovered the power of garlic at healing verrucas. So we gave that a go. We crushed up some raw garlic into a bit of a paste then put a plaster over the verrucas to hold the garlic paste at the site of the verrucas. After a day an intense heat started and it felt like a blister was forming. It hurt a little bit, but by day 3 every single verruca had disappeared!!

Read the article on making your own garlic verruca treatment here

This was a pivotal moment for me as it made me realise the incredible power of nature. Little did I know that I would go on to become known as the Renegade Pharmacist campaigning to protect nature from the hands of profit driven psychotic pharmaceutical industry.

A family friend at the time who had made a fortune with a chain of community pharmacies encouraged me to research into this garlic cure further to see if there was a way we could turn it into a product for commercial use. I actually went pretty deep into it and discovered they had found an active ingredient in garlic called Allicin that produced its anti-viral effects.

I then questioned why has no one yet done trials on garlic, allicin to make a commercially viable product that could work much more effectively than anything else out there.

When fresh garlic is chopped or crushed, the enzyme alliinase converts alliin into allicin, which is responsible for the aroma of fresh garlic.

Allicin is part of a defense mechanism against attacks by pests on the garlic plant.

This is exactly what EBC-46 does too, it protects the berry from being eaten by marsupials.

However garlic is so widely available and it is very easy to make your own home based formulation out of it that it does not serve Big Pharma’s interests.

However this Australian Blushwood Berry does to some degree. The tree at present only grows in a small region of Australia so supply can be effectively controlled.

They have already isolated a drug molecule out of it that seems to have little or no side effects in humans which they hold a patent for already and even the manufacturing process.

But just imagine if the extract works and you do not need a complicated manufacturing process to isolate the drug.

Perhaps the other ingredients in the pure extract help minimise side effects and increase the efficacy of EBC-46?

What if you could also mimic the climate and conditions of the Blushwood berry and grow it in other parts of the world in green house like controlled environments?

Manufacturers in China seem to already be selling the extract here, so perhaps they are already doing it?

However further research would need to be done to see whether they are genuinely selling this extract and not something else!

This is why we need conscious entrepreneurs, mega rich billionaires and millionaire to club together to create a ‘renegade’ consortium to research and verify all of this.

Until that happens we will continue to lose valuable rainforest filled with miracle berries and other wonderful plants and potential life saving cures.

Nature will continue to be controlled by the psychotic hands of Big Pharma, and we will continue to suffer from debilitating conditions unnecessarily.

So it really is a big wake up call to the fact nature knows best!

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