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The World Health Organization recognized obesity as a pandemic of our time. Today, 500 million people are overweight and most of these people don’t know how to lose weight. That’s why we wrote this ultimate guide on how to lose weight.

World leaders in “mass obesity” among adults: Mexico (32.8%), United States (31.8%), Syria (31.6%), Venezuela, Libya (30.8%). Excess weight indicates a metabolic disorder in the body and is aggravated by the development of concomitant diseases.

Today, there are many diets created for weight loss. Among the variety of methods of weight loss, it’s very hard to choose the most effective diet. Its effectiveness depends on the individual characteristics of the body (volume of excess weight, health status, endocrine profile, metabolic rate). So how to lose weight?

We will discuss the causes, the consequences of obesity, effective diets, what changes occur in the body after losing weight.

How to lose Weight
How to lose Weight

What are the main causes of overweight and what are its consequences

Causes of obesity

  1. A constant discrepancy between the amounts of consumed and spent energy, as a result of consumption of high-calorie food in large portions with a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Genetic predisposition.
  3. Age, sex factors. It is interesting that women are gaining weight faster, because of the hormonal characteristics of the body and a smaller amount of muscle mass relative to the man’s body. In addition, with age, the metabolism slows down, the need for energy decreases, which leads to a gradual accumulation of adipose tissue and an increase in body weight.
  4. Primary pathology of the endocrine glands or disturbance of hypothalamic functions.
  5. Tumor development.

Tep, there could be a lot of causes of overweight but people have to know an effective way on how to lose weight.

Complications of obesity

  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • pancreatitis;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • diseases of the gallbladder, liver;
  • diabetes mellitus type 2;
  • ischemic heart disease, stroke;
  • amenorrhea, infertility, menstrual disorders for women, sexual impotence for men;
  • diseases of respiratory, musculoskeletal systems (hypoventilation syndrome, gout, osteoarthritis);
  • lower extremities vessels diseases.

Obesity is extremely bad for our organism so how could we get rid of it? How to lose weight and not gain it again? This article will answer these questions.

It’s also worth saying that obesity disrupts the psycho-emotional balance: increases anxiety, leads to frequent depressions, suppression of sexual function, makes it difficult to find a job, reduces self-esteem.  Now the main question for us: how to lose weight?

Overweight in advanced stages causes violations of endocrine functions, which leads to death. In the world ranking mortality from obesity ranks sixth place, and from hunger – the eighth.

How to lose weight effectively
How to lose weight effectively

Most Effective Diets

Let’s consider the popular methods of weight loss. Regardless of the type chosen, any diet presupposes compliance with the water regime: drinking 1.5-3 liters of clean water a day. At the same time, daily physical activities accelerate the dropping of weight. So let we give you some ideas on how to lose weight.

How to lose weight: The best diets for fighting extra pounds

    1. The Kremlin diet. It is respected by many celebrities, as it is very effective. The essence of this diet is to limit the amount of carbohydrates entering the body. There is a table, which indicates how many carbohydrates contain those or other products. Each product is assigned a so-called value, which is measured in conventional units. There are several stages in total. At the first stage, which lasts a couple of weeks, the amount of carbohydrates is limited to 20 conventional units, which allows the body to rebuild in a new way at the expense of such a shake-up. In the second stage, it is important to ensure a stable weight loss without damage to the body, the amount of carbohydrates increases to 40 conventional units. To maintain weight and maintain the form, it is recommended to collect no more than 60 cu per day. In addition, it is important to consume more fluid.
    2. “6 petals” diet. The bottom line is that there are 6 petal stages, each of which lasts one day and involves the use of one product. It turns out, this is a combination of mono-diet and separate food. But the advantage is that the body gets everything that it needs. It is important to observe the sequence of days, otherwise, there will be no result. First, there is a fish day. Boiled, steamed, stewed or baked fish in the amount of 500 grams. The next is a vegetable day. You need to eat 1-1.5 kilograms of vegetables (stewed, fresh paired or boiled). Then comes the chicken day. It is advisable to eat chicken breast, which can not only be boiled but also baked in the oven. Next is a cereal day. You can use 200 (volume is indicated in dry form) grams of any cereals or cereals. The fifth day is a curd day. It is allowed to eat 500 grams of low-fat curd. And the last sixth petal is fruity. Eat 1.5 kilograms of any fruit.
    3. The “Minus 60” diet of Ekaterina Mirimanova is not only effective but also simple. Notice, it is a pleasure. And yet there are some rules. Up to 12 pm, you can eat almost everything without restrictions. Until 2 pm one should forget about fried and fat, and also do not combine simple carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta) with proteins (meat, fish). One tablespoon of butter or sour cream is allowed. Afternoon snack and dinner should be easy. Drinks and alcohol are allowed but in limited quantities.
    4. The Maggi Diet. It is quite strict but effective. This diet is calculated for 4 weeks. The diet includes meat products, eggs, as well as fruits and vegetables in large quantities. This menu is diverse and allows you not to starve. The basic rule is strict adherence to the daily menu. Don’t violate the rules if you want to know how to lose weight. Violating the rules can make you try over again.
    5. «Hollywood diet». Its duration is 14 days. During this time, you can get rid of 8-10 kilograms, but it is worth saying that the diet is strict. So, everything sweet, floury, fatty and fried is completely excluded. Cucumbers and tomatoes, lean meat or poultry, quail eggs or chicken eggs, as well as grapefruits, are allowed. From breakfast will have to refuse, as well as from any sweet drinks.
    6. The list of the best also includes the “Japanese” diet. It is designed for two weeks and is quite economical. But the results will please. And if you believe the founders, then further weight gain is impossible, because the body will be rebuilt, and the metabolism will accelerate. The menu includes lean meat, fish, eggs, seafood, vegetables, as well as fruits. Vegetable salads can be filled with vegetable oil. Dry bread and cheese are also allowed but in limited quantities. Coffee can be drunk, but it is better without sugar and without milk. It is also recommended to take additional vitamins.”
    7. “Brazilian” diet. How to lose weight with this diet? Designed for two or four weeks, the menu cannot be called diverse. So, on the first day for breakfast, dinner, and lunch you will have to eat one boiled egg and one apple, washing it down with a cup of coffee. The second day is the same, on the third day for breakfast you will need to eat two eggs, for lunch – spinach and 100 grams of beef, and for dinner spinach with egg. On the fourth day, breakfast will consist of eggs, lunch – from 150 grams of boiled fish and tomato, dinner – from two eggs. The fifth day: eat an egg for breakfast, have a cup of coffee, for lunch – tomato and egg, for dinner – vegetables and 150 grams of fish. Sixth day: for breakfast you need to eat an egg, drink coffee, for lunch – cucumber and 100 grams of beef, for dinner – tomato, 150 grams of veal and coffee. On the seventh day, breakfast will consist of eggs and coffee, lunch – from chicken and vegetables, dinner – from chicken, coffee and apple.
    8. Effective kefir diet. Kefir, in general, is the main enemy of fat. There are several options for such a diet. So, one is the use of kefir only, sometimes with cottage cheese, another, in addition to kefir, also includes vegetables, fruits and low-fat fish and meat.
    9. Soup diet is not only effective but also very useful for the gastrointestinal tract. The main fat-burning component is a special soup, which is prepared from onions, cabbage, bell pepper, carrots, celery and tomatoes. Such a soup should be eaten constantly for a week. It is also acceptable to use low-fat meat, vegetables and fruits.
    10. “Mediterranean” diet is very tasty. The diet includes fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy and sour-milk products, as well as eggs. Salads should be filled with olive oil, refuse mayonnaise. As a grain, it is better to eat barley and rice. You can also consume 2-3 glasses of dry red wine: a glass for dinner and for supper. We’ve briefly described 10 diets. Hope now we raise your understanding of how to lose weight.
    11. Energy diet. A modern way to quickly lose weight with a minimum of effort. Energy Diet – a complex of special cocktails, which are designed to supply the human body with the maximum amount of nutrients with a minimum of calories. Products of the ED range contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber. This is an effective diet, designed for 4 – 6 months, which will help to lose to 10 – 30 kilograms for this period.
    12. Diet for the lazy. In the classical form, it is a mono-diet on the water, which does not require financial investments, time and effort to prepare the allowed dishes. The main rule of the technique is to drink 250 milliliters of clean water before each meal, including snacks. The amount of food eaten is reduced by half. Eliminate from the menu quickly digestible carbohydrates, foods with high-fat content, pickles, canned food, smoked products. The preferred way of cooking is baking, boiling. Depending on the goals, for 14 days the girls manage to lose up to 10 kilograms. And this is really cool. Now they know how to lose weight.
    13. The Protasov diet. It is a low-calorie program to reduce body weight. The daily average menu of the method provides the body with 1200 – 1500 kilocalories of energy. The ration consists of protein products (boiled egg, lactic products, lean meat), non-starchy vegetables and allowed fruits (orange, grapefruit, apple). Conventionally, the Protasov diet is divided into three stages: vegetarian, with the addition of meat, fixing. The duration of the diet is 5 weeks. For this period, you can lose up to 10 kilograms of excess weight.
    14. Cucumber diet. How to lose weight consuming these vegetables? This diet helps to cleanse the intestines from toxins and stimulates metabolism. Also, the cucumber is known for its diuretic property, which means that if you follow this diet, you can get rid of both edema and excess fluid in the body. The menu of cucumber diet is quite simple: for breakfast, lunch and dinner you should eat a salad consisting of two cucumbers, sour cream and greens. Also, you can add pepper or other spices (but not salt!) to taste. You can also eat a small slice of black bread. After each meal, you can drink a cup of tea or coffee. If you are hungry before going to bed, eat a boiled egg. You can sit on such a diet from three days to a week.
    15. Ducan’s diet. This diet is one of the most famous in the world. It was developed by the French dietician Pierre Ducant and over time his diet took an honorable place in the ranking of the most effective and “simple” diets. The Ducane diet consists of four stages, and in each of which you must follow certain rules. For example, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day, every day you must eat oat bran, you need easy exercises and a daily walk of 20-30 minutes a day. Ducane diet refers to long diets, but at the same time promises that lost pounds will not return with time if proper nutrition will be continued after it is completed.
    16. Curd-banana diet.  This diet is very tasty but how to lose weight with it effectively?  This is quite an attractive express diet is nowadays a curd-banana diet. So, if you like bananas (pay special attention to a banana diet) and cottage cheese, then it will be simple for you to sustain such a diet. The diet can last from 4 to 8 days with alternation of banana and cottage cheese days. The first and third days should be curd, i.e. the main product in these days will be exactly cottage cheese, but fruit and berries are also not forbidden. But in the banana second and fourth day you can even pamper yourself with lean meat, beans, peas, eggs and dairy products, i.e. protein food. At night, you are allowed to drink a glass of low-fat kefir.
    17. French diet. This diet is not only close to a carbohydrate diet but is a low-calorie type of food. During this 2-week diet, all sweet and salty, as well as alcohol, is prohibited. The basis of the diet – lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs, rye bread and greens. All the rest under strict prohibition. Without restrictions, mineral water and green tea.
    18. Carbohydrate-free diet.  This is how to lose weight using this diet. Its principle is to limit the intake of sugars and starch. The main rule of this diet is to consume 250 allowed calories each day, coming in the form of carbohydrates. With this diet, the amount of poultry, fish, meat, cheese and cottage cheese is not controlled, vegetables, citrus, roots and berries are also recommended for consumption. The use of sugar, fruit (except citrus), carrots, potatoes, flour, bread, dairy products, cereals, corn and fats, as well as sugary drinks and alcohol is limited. For a carbohydrate-free diet, you must follow the following rules: after a meal you cannot drink for half an hour, fry is allowed only in olive oil, take for yourself the principles of fractional nutrition, as part of life – eat fractional (at least 5 times a day), and in the evening a few hours before going to bed (after 8 PM) eating is generally prohibited. Sample menu to choose from:
      Option 1: lean, boiled meat without salt (about 400 gr.). Divide it into 4 servings each time to add vegetable garnish. (about 200-300 grams) throughout the day. For drinking, you should make for example, a dog rose decoction, and drink in the morning and evening.
      Option 2: boiled low-fat meat (250 grams), 2 cups of tea and 2 glasses of juice. Proposed products to divide into 5 servings.
    19. Apple diet.  This diet is ideal for weight loss. Apples are an exceptionally valuable fruit. Apple diet adjusts and normalizes metabolism, helps to fight excess weight. The best option is to make one apple day. This is especially useful for problems with the intestines. To achieve weight loss, it is necessary to make apple days 2 times a week. In addition, this diet is useful for hypertensive patients, as well as for the prevention of atherosclerosis. Apple diet is used in several ways:
      Option 1 of the apple diet: throughout the day, use only apples and drink a lot of liquid.
      Option 2 of the apple diet: one and a half kilograms of apples to eat per day. You can not drink anything. The fluid contained in the apples will be enough.
      Option 3 of the apple diet: this is an apple-kefir diet. Half a cup of kefir and one apple, eat 5-6 times a day.
      Option 4 of the apple diet is the hardest option. The number of apples varies in each of six days: 1st day – 1kg of apples; 2nd -1.5 kg; 3rd – 2 kg; 4th – 2 kg; 5th – 1,5 kg; 6th – 1 kg of apples. It is allowed to drink tea (green), and eat rusks from black bread. Also, the apple diet is very useful to people who quit smoking. It should be held for three days. In addition to apples, you can use green tea.
    20. Models’ diet.   How to lose weight with model’s diet? Two variations of the so-called “models’ diet will help to throw off up to 6 kilograms of excess weight in just a few days. This principle of losing weight is quite complicated, but, quite real. The first version of the diet lasts 3 days and allows you to lose up to 4 kilograms. So, the menu: For breakfast – soft-boiled egg. After 2.5 hours, the time for a second breakfast is tea without sugar and 125 grams of fat-free cottage cheese. Lunch – after 2.5 hours, the same amount of tea and cottage cheese. No dinner. During the day, you must drink at least 1.5 liters of water. The second variant of the “models’ diet” requires limiting the amount of calories to 1000 per day. Following this rule, you can throw off 2 to 6 kilograms in a period of 3 to 7 days. In addition to counting calories, you must also drink plenty of water and tea – this will lead to the purification of the body. Of course, sugar in any form under the strictest ban. Such a diet is very effective, but if your goal is to lose weight by 10 kg or more, then you should choose a longer diet.
How to lose Weight
How to lose Weight

Unexpected effects of weight loss or how to lose weight with more benefits to your health

Decreasing of body weight  5-10% reduces the risk of exacerbation of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, improves overall health.

Consider 14 changes that occur in a person’s life after getting rid of unnecessary kilograms.

    1. A rush of energy. After losing weight, you will become more mobile, catching up with the departing bus or climbing the stairs will become easier.
    2. Improved memory. The activity of the brain will increase, the amount of memorized information will become larger.
    3. Increased sex drive, you will feel sexier. In the course of research, American scientists came to the conclusion that the loss of 30 kilograms of one of the partners improves relations in the family.
    4. Reducing the risk of developing oncology. Excess weight causes inflammatory reactions in the body, changes in the cells of the body. Slimming at least 5%, reduces the risk of cancer.
    5. Restoration of psychoemotional balance.
    6. Change in taste buds.
    7. Strengthening bones, joints by reducing the load on them.
    8. Reducing the cost of maintaining health, an average of 42%. This is due to the fact that obese people often have chronic diseases that require constant treatment.
    9. Career. According to statistics, slender people are 5 times easier to find a new job and increase income than obese. This is especially true of women.
    10. Decreasing need for medicines. Losing weight lowers cholesterol in the blood. As a consequence, the need to take medicines for increased blood pressure will decrease. Maintaining a normal weight prevents the development of heart, blood vessels, digestive tract organs, thyroid gland diseases. Interestingly, after lowering body weight you will worry lessly about heartburn and asthma.
    11. Skin laxity. If during the weight loss limit only to diet, ignore sports, massage, the result of losing weight can be very disappointing. Loose skin on problem areas (abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hands) is an unpleasant and painful sight for every woman. To eliminate it you need to resort to the procedures of braces or to start regularly visiting the pool, the masseur, the beautician.
    12. Improving sleep. Dropping extra pounds “releases” the upper respiratory tract from soft tissues that blocked them. As a result, sleep becomes better and 22 minutes longer.
    13. Increasing the chance to become pregnant. Remember, fullness can cause polycystic ovary and infertility. These effective diets will help to deal with unwanted weight, restore the work of internal organs, increasing chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby..
    14. Improvement of vision. Do not forget that overweight increases the risk of developing diabetes, which adversely affects the condition of the eyes. According to the University of Georgia, overweight reduces the amount of lutein and zeaxanthin in the retina, which causes degenerative age changes.
Weight loss
Weight loss

Losing weight favorably affects the human body: an endocrine profile is normalizing, immunity rises, work capacity increases, problems with erection disappear, the load on the joints / veins / vessels / heart decreases. As a result, life brings more joy.

Weight loss is beauty, self-confidence, increased life expectancy, a healthy body, emotional stability.

For dropping 1 to 3 kilograms, effective diets for 7 days (buckwheat, kefir), to eliminate 4 to 10 kilograms, pay attention to the techniques, lasting from 2 weeks and a month (Japanese, protein, “6 petals”, “lazy”). If the excess weight reached the mark of 20 kilograms and above, it is recommended to use the “protein” programs of Dyukan, Malysheva, Maggi, Protasov or “Kremlin.” They are designed for systematic reduction of body weight for 2-6 months.

We’ve discussed the most effective diets but how to lose weight and don’t gain weight again? If you don’t want to gain weight again, measure your volumes. They should not increase. Take fish oil to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract, which arise because of the scarcity of the diet for triglycerides. Sleep 7-9 hours, a sleepy person is prone to overeating. Move more, drink a lot of water, eat protein foods, increase self-esteem.

Remember, in a day you can lose from 70 to 150 grams of fat. Food is not the main pleasure in life. Much more interesting than a dense meal are such things as communication, walking and hobbies. This setup will help you to maintain a positive mood and stick to proper nutrition will become easier. Lose weight wisely and enjoy life!

Share this ultimate guide with your friends!  Also, check out our article on the best natural painkiller that grows in your backyard. We’re also waiting for your feedback which of the diets helped to cope with obesity and stay healthy!



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