Scientists Discover This Oil Destroys 90% Of Colon Cancer Cells!

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95 270 were detected new cases of colon cancer according to the American Cancer Society.  Most of them were treated with surgery, and after that chemo, and the results came with a lot of side effects.  Everyone is asking the some question, does somewhere in the world exist a safer or all natural treatment ?

So, the researchers were looking for that kind of cure, and now finally they think that they have found it.

Coconut oil has magical properties, so one of the cure ingredients Is exactly coconut oil.

Lauric acid — the component in coconut oil that is believed to have anti-cancer properties — is also typically found in breast milk. It’s a medium-chain fatty acid that supports the immune system, providing plenty of antimicrobial properties.

Coconut oil is basically pro-health and anti-everything bad. The plat with magical properties  can help stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels, lower your risk of heart disease, kill candida and other harmful fungi, and it can even help you maintain a healthy weight.


It is proven that coconut oil has anti cancer properties. During the studies which were made in order to find natural remedy for cancer, the researchers made the experiments in a petrie dish or in an environment which is empty, and is inhabited. The coconut oil and colon cancer study was performed in vitro, which may cause some to discount the findings. This research const a lot of money so the research can’t do  this experiment without a pharmaceutical company standing behind them.

The researchers  announced that coconut oil can treat illnesses like osteoporosis, virus-related diseases (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes, etc.), gallbladder disease,Chrohn’s disease  and cancer. Coconut oil has previously been shown to help decrease the harmful side effects of chemotherapy, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

Other properties  of coconut oil is that thy can treat  difficult diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, drug resistant epilepsy, and diabetes.

Dr. Mary Newport stated:

‘’ Ketone bodies may help the brain recover after a loss of oxygen in newborns through adults, may help the heart recover after an acute attack, and may shrink cancerous tumors.’’




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